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F.A.Q : Why do you call yourself Gengar? Who are you?

This is a rewrite of my shitty intro.


I get this question a lot, specially when people ask for my name. Being mostly an internet dweller, I always just choose to call myself Gengar at almost every site or game I end up in. Somehow, I don't find the name odd as most normal people do. It has a nice ring to it.

Of course, someone always manages to come along and yell at me at how Haunter is just better. While I do like the other two, I can't really "click" with them as much as I do with Gengar. Just remember that: There is no Gengar without Gastly or Haunter. You can't have the ghost chicken without the ghost egg! So I am thankful for them.
From a collector's point of view, I also don't find myself interested in the merchandise of the other two at all.

When people ask for my name in person, it's also Gengar. Yeah, I get weird stares and the occasional "Excuse me?".


Gengar has been there ever since I was a kid and he was my first Pokemon, given to me by my grandfather. Wait, what? How can that be possible?
My grandfather was a very important man throughout my life and he found an old Gengar plush when I was a kid and gave it to me!
This plush to be exact, but it's not the same one I had when I was younger:


That's when this all started. If Pokemon were real, I would've had an OP Gengar from the start. I would have been a very lucky kid.

Granpa was surely made of pure steel; I think he would have been a Steel type. He would get up at 5AM and be all ready to go in 15 minutes. He would also cut his own grass with an EXTREMELY SHARP machete...Nobody dared mess with him. But he was also very kind yet stern; he never took his kindness too far because he knew this is when people begin to take advantage of said kindness.
And for some reason, he was the fastest old man ever. I beat him ONCE in a race up a hill and I think he even let me win that one.

I believe even on his last year, he was still chopping grass with that fricken machete. R.I.Pepperoni, old man.

Grandpa thought that Pokemon were "little devils"; he began to recognize Pikachu and some others and would sometimes surprise me with random stuff he would find or buy me, Pokemon related or not. Then one day, he gave me the biggest surprise! It was that Gengar plush; he had picked it up and thought I would like it. I actually wasn't too familiar with Gengar and I can't remember if I knew what he was at all. I don't believe the Tower of Terror episodes had aired yet. Pokemon came to my country extremely late.

Even so, Gengar and I were the best of bros. We were like peanut butter and jelly. We would go EVERYWHERE together and I would hold him by the hand like my grandpa did with me while crossing the street.
My father didn't actually let me hang out with other kids. Something about them being a bad influence or me "causing too much trouble". People in my country are more conservative than in the States; stuff like sleepovers and hanging out for too long are looked down upon and seen as the person being "fresh" or having poor manners.

I never did miss human interaction at all; I found it boring and annoying and none of the kids I knew had a Game Boy. I would rather play my Game Boy and be with Gengar than go play ball or get all scratched up with other kids.
Little did he know I would grow up to be an asshole anyways, despite him trying to keep me away from "bad influences", heh.

Then one day, a kid on my block got a Clefairy. Clefairy, the destroyer of bros. It looked way nicer than my dirty and grimy Gengar (he did go EVERYWHERE with me), so I offered to trade him for the Clefairy. The kid refused and I got mad. I guess I was a bit spoil, being an only child and grandpa would almost give me everything if I behaved well. How dare that kid refuse my offer, right?! I got mad at Gengar too and I "told" him if he wasn't so ugly, I could have had that new Clefairy.
...Was I a dumbass kid or what? Sheesh, who the hell trades a Gengar for a Clefairy?! Specially since Grandpa had given him to me as a gift.

Gengar went everywhere with me again, except school because those shitty kids would probably steal him. Then one day, the Tower of Terror episodes aired and I finally learned his name; he never really had a name before. I remember giving him a big hug. I don't remember what I did yesterday but I remember this. I thought Gastly and Haunter were also very funny, but Gengar was always my favorite because of my plush. He was the first Pokemon I ever felt truly attached to.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Gengar disappeared one day; I looked everywhere for him. I was terribly upset and told Grandpa I was so sorry for having lost the toy he gave me. He said I should have been more careful. Leave it to my grandpa to have this pure steel attitude when a child is crying at his feet. R.I.Pepperoni, my dear Gengar.

Up until recently, I always wondered what became of my lost Gengar. I had decided to never replace him, except for that tagged one I have now as a collection piece. Even if I got another one, it wouldn't be the same and he wouldn't hold the same sentimental value.

At the time of writing this, about a month ago, I saw an old Hasbro Gengar on Ebay. I usually just skip through these because I already have one and they're quite common. But man, this one was somehow different. For one, it wasn't overpriced; he was extremely cheap but nobody rushed to grab him even after a few days. Most remarkably, he put a smile on my face; all my Gengar make me extremely happy but this one was more of a nostalgic happiness I didn't quite feel before.
I felt I had to have him but was I broke at that exact time, so I sent an offer. The seller even accepted my low offer almost immediately, as if they just wanted him gone.

Now I have a small Gengar buddy again! Now to never lose him. EVER.

Who is this crazy fool? I'm just a brutally honest comical asshole who really likes Pokemon and videa. I also like ghosts and the unexplained, as in REAL 2spooky ghosts. I research everything because knowledge is power. I bore easily and I'm hard to keep content.
My favorite food is coconuts. I like coconut everything. I'm a tropical Gengar and despise cold weather.

And just remember: Die now, live later.

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