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The reasoning behind NEVER selling my Gengar collection

I got into a heated debate with a good friend of mine who questioned how can I be so damn sure that shit won't go down and I won't need to sell my collection?
Well, shit HAS gone down and it could go down even more at any given time. There's highs and lows in everyone's life.

However, my specific collection is worth SHIT. I have tried selling duplicates and they sell for almost nothing, even if they're in excellent condition.
I can't think of anyone that would want a bunch of Gengar the way I do. For the exception of plushes and "fancy" things like metal charms and Pokedoll junk, nothing else will sell for enough money that will encourage me to sell anything in my collection to begin with; I'll just end up with a butchered up collection missing significant pieces that sold for shit money anyway.

I will make such little amount of money, it won't make things any better. $500 ain't shit. Even $1,000 ain't shit. Who is going to give me even $1,000 for a bunch of Gengar? I won't get anywhere near as much as I have spent... which is a lot.

I can think of a million things that could go wrong and will require a shitload of money. Selling my collection will not only leave me with nothing but it also won't change the outcome of the situation in the slightest due to how worthless my collection really is in terms of value in comparison to how expensive the world has become to live in. For example, I think about if my dog were to fall very sick. He is my friend but $1,000 won't do anything to save him. I will be left with no dog or Gengar and that would SUCK. Though this is a very sad example, it's something very possible and I'm a realist. This applies to any human I know also; everyone dies and there's no escape unless it really isn't their time and there's treatment options that will save them and could be paid over time.

Am I really prioritizing all my Gengar over human lives? Sorta. I have not lost someone too important besides my grandpa to really lose my ability to reason.
Well, everything else that is in my room can go to save certain people but all my Gengar stay.

This reasoning doesn't apply to every collector. There's some people that have a broad selection of rare shit that people want. These people CAN sell their collection for a good amount of profit. There's also some people that have very popular Pokemon that people want; Gengar is NOT one of those Pokemon.
His popularity is... odd to describe when it comes to merchandise. I'm sure I'm the only person winning everything on Ebay and Y!J because other people are simply not willing to go high for the small or unconventional things. There is no one currently focusing on this guy and if they are trying to, they seem to be losing a lot of stuff to me.

A big part of my collection is not figures or plushes at all, which is what regular people usually want; it's assorted items (I wish I could be more specific but it's just random CRAP) with generic or unique Gengar artwork.
Put a Gengar item that's not a figure or plush for above $20 and I guarantee no one but this asshole right here will buy it right away. I wish people would price things high all the time. Wait what. Why do I want to spend more money? I MOST CERTAINLY DON'T; it just keeps other people away from getting it first. Shit, I wish I had extra eyes to glue to my computer screen.

I remember that stupid Gengar keychain I've been looking for about a year that someone put on Ebay for $3.99 and it got snagged before I saw it. They should have priced it at $23.99! /headdesk
The perks of only focusing on one Pokemon is that you almost always have money for everything as long as you get to it first.

All of this brings up my next point: Even for extremely rare things, just because I paid 50 bucks for it, doesn't mean it will sell for that much. It most likely won't even sell for $25, depending on what it is.

Just look at the shiny Gengar lottery prizes struggling to sell for $250 or lower; it's cheap as hell as it is for something that limited, imported, and that usually goes for 17,000 yen. It will end up costing near $200 or more with deputy fees and to get it overseas. 1,000 of those prizes given out isn't as limited as 100 or even 10 but taking into consideration how many of those prizes went to little snotty kids that are going to destroy the shit out of them, then the quantities are not what they appear to be anymore.

To think I was willing to pay over $700 for just one of those! And so was someone else in Japan apparently because they overthrew my high bid of 80,000 yen. ...Hm, that person is scarier than me! But no one else would have contested me against it because they are just not worth that much to others.

The only things I have sold are duplicates and two custom hats that I just wasn't a fan of and where just taking up space instead of getting me money so I could get more official Gengar merchandise. Official merchandise is my focus.

Don't even get me started on my Darkrai collection; that's basically unsellable.

I am confident in my decision that my entire Gengar collection will NEVER be sold; there is no good enough reason in this short life for it to be sold.

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