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Gengar Merchandise Wanted Post - Updated 6/17/19

IMPORTANT: I'M NOT VERY ACTIVE ON LJ BUT STILL COLLECT. IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME (even if it's not to sell to me but also for questions regarding Gengar items I own and you need info on), IT'S BEST TO DO SO THROUGH DISCORD. MY DISCORD TAG IS GENGAR # 0604. (Send a message before adding or I might think you're one of those Chinese scam bots) I'm there 100% of the time since I'm always gaming online and I have the phone app. You don't need to download Discord to use it; can just use their browser application.

Any other way might take me very long to get to, since LJ is an old shitty site now and it doesn't even alert me of PMs sometimes.


I have a merchandise collection dedicated to Gengar, my favorite Pokemon.

If you end up with something Gengar related and are not attached to it, chances are it's here and I'm looking for it or I probably have it but ask anyways! I WANT TO THROW MY MONEY AT YOU.

This post will have a few cuts so it's not just a big wall of crap and so it looks more organized.


A) Live on this planet.
B) Have good communication.
C) ???


• I don't collect Gastly or Haunter. There's only a few things I want of them and they're in my wanted list.

I'm also looking for Gengar cards from the TCG. Refer to my wanted flats list for the ones I'm missing. This is the most lacking part of my collection. I have all the Phantom Forces/Gate ones. I'll take any language cards. Conditions must be Mint/Near Mint/Excellent.

• Regarding flats: I usually just go after stuff with original artwork, stuff in other languages, or if it's shiny. I also really like Vs. Cards.

• I usually specify in the pictures what condition I want the item in but know that if I don't have it, feel free to throw me an offer even if it's not in said condition. Though some things I really will just take in new condition. I'm not extremely picky with older items but I prefer stuff that's not falling apart or severely damaged or scratched. I will certainly pay a lot more for stuff in their original packaging or if a plush has their hangtag attached. For stuff that I want Mint with Tag/ in Package, the tag or package don't have to be perfect.

I have wayyyy too many things I'm actively looking for and all the images would probably make this page a lagfest, so I have created a Flickr album with all the things I'm after.

Some images in my wanted list are my own. You're free to use them but most have text on them anyways because I use them as checklists. Other pictures are for reference.
In this post I will include pictures of my grails and a few top priority items that I'm after under the cuts.


Clicking on some of the pictures will take you to the full size.

I don't have any active grails as of this time.


Gengar 151 badge Re-release

Re-release of the Gengar 151 Badge

Condition: Not too many scratches

This shit has become SO annoying to get and just pretty much impossible since the old set of badges are becoming rarer to find and you HAVE to buy the entire set or get lucky and hope someone will list one by itself. I'm not hoping to ever get this now but it's here just in case. The difference between this badge and the first release is that the words "Pokemon Center" aren't present on the badge.

Gengar Metal Figures

Gengar Metal Figures

In my opinion, there is no lavender color. Not officially, at least. I have removed it from the picture. I believe it to be a discoloration and photo lighting difference of the original purple color. Only color I need is the magenta pink.

Pokemon Time Gengar bookmark

Pokemon Time Gengar Bookmark

Gengar "Light Mascot" by Tomy

Gengar "Light Mascot" Figure

Condition: I prefer in package but will consider out of package!

Gengar Peruvian Cereal Figure

Gengar Peruvian Cereal Figures

Picture is my own and current as of 2/25/17.
Green and any other color not shown is wanted.

Gengar "made of rubber"

Gengar "Made of Rubber"


Idk wtf this figure is and this is the only picture available of it.

Gengar figure with yellow base

Gengar Figure with Yellow Base

Another figure I have never seen before except in this picture.

Gengar Minimodels

Gengar Minimodels

Picture is my own and last updated 10/26/15.

Idk if I have acquired any new minimodels other than those pictured since 2015. @_@

Gengar Eraser Models

Gengar Eraser Models
AKA Derpy Gengar Erasers

Condition: Preferably not used

Any other color not shown here (if there are anymore), I currently do not have for this model for the exception of the ones below.

Colors I have already:
-Light Blue
-Deep Purple

Copper Gengar Coin

Copper Gengar Coin

Pretty sure this exists as I've seen copper variants of other Pokemon that also come in the same colors as the Gengar coins I have. I do not need it to be in the case. I have an extra one.

Gengar Marbles

Gengar Marbles

Condition: Marble just needs to be eligible; nothing too beat up.

Picture is my own and current as of 2/25/17.

These aren't super high priority but I'm always looking for other colors.

Colors I have:
Dark purple
Dark green
Light (clear?) blue
Jakks Pacific plastic marble


This is a section that is for stuff I already have but that I would like to replace.

NEED TO REPLACE: Gengar MC-68 by Tomy

Gengar MC-68 Tomy Figure

Reason: I'm looking for one in near mint condition and it doesn't have be in package.

Pokemon Center Gengar Plush

Pokemon Center Gengar Plush

Looking for one with a hangtag and non-faded tush tag.

This comes from the Pokemon Center that was in NYC.

Top Insight Gengar; Small Version

Top Insight Gengar Plush; SMALL VERSION

Looking for a hangtag (doesn't have to come specifically from a Gengar) and original head chain. All plushes from this series have identical hangtags.

Note that this is NOT the same as the more well known Top Insight Gengar, which is bigger and features a golden headstring.
This one is approximately 4 inches tall; very small.

Known plush that are from this line and same size:

Pokemon Mystery Poke Packs Gengar Figure

Pokemon Mystery Poke Packs Gengar Figure

Paint job on mine is BAD.

Thank you for looking!

This list is never ending; I knock off two things and five others show up. But I am committed to getting it all someday.

I have already decided I will NEVER sell my Gengar collection. This stuff is going to the grave with me, haha.

the end...or is it?!
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