Gengar (kidgengar) wrote,

I'm Not Dead! Changes and Current Thoughts on Gengar Merchandise

I pretty much forgot I had an LJ. I've been unfortunately out of collecting for maybe 2-3 years now. I lost interest and financial issues really began to be prominent. I had to stop to get my shit together. I have a bunch of messages in my inbox I never saw since LJ stopped alerting me of things and I tried changing my e-mail to a Yahoo one in hopes of messages coming through just for me to lose the Yahoo login. LOL My old Discord is down too. Had to get a new one.

Things have changed with Gengar merchandise and not really for the better, in my opinion. The best word I can use to describe the state of Gengar merchandise is:


Reasoning below.

It feels like I was trying to collect a just slightly less congested version of Eeveelution merchandise. There are more Pokemon in Kanto other than Pikachu, Eevee, the starters, Gengar, Snorlax, and Mew. I haven't even been buying the shit they put out so it's not like I'm fueling the "money talks" and adding to the stagnancy. Aside from money issues, even when I did have extra money, I couldn't be fucked to buy yet another slightly varied posing Gengar.

I've lost interest in the figures, plush, and just about everything. I lost interest in plush because they keep pushing out HUGE ones that cost too fucking much to ship the USA and they're not really great. I already own this same plush in the same material with the same face. Figures are coming out too fast and if I can't get it on eBay, I'm just not going to bother. It's literally small figure after small figure with no break and not really anything interesting in terms of posing. I think things definitely died a lot for me when I didn't even want the Gengar dressed like Mega Banette for last Halloween. Those are two of my favorite ghosts and I just really meh about getting another plush to stuff in my vault. I've always looked forward to the Halloween promos but the last few years were so disappointing and the online stock always sucked ass and you could never get it because it was sold out. Stock issues were another huge problem for me when I have to import.

The only redeeming thing for collecting right now for me is that the Japan Pokemon Center puts out nice quirky things with Gengar. Why can't they bring this stuff to the USA PC site so I don't have to pay a bunch of fucking fees when importing? I feel the USA gets "crumbs" or Pikachu. They have been getting a little better with USA promotions; the Lavender Town promo was amazing. Japan even released a new Jigglypuff Tomy figure probably for the Detective Pikachu movie and I wish we got these things in the USA site.


The only one I want is the new finger puppet and WCT Gengar Battle Feature Figure. I e-mailed WCT today because I can't find the damn thing anywhere in New Jersey and I see it being sold on eBay for $35+. Hope to hear back from them soon about wtf is going on with the stock!

All my grails are pretty much obtained except for the Meiji plate. I do not plan to add anymore grails as my collecting career is probably at an end, at least the way it used to be.

I will be wedding out a bunch of shit hopefully soon. Not main collection pieces at all but misc stuff like my 10 different Gengar wallets. Just why did I spend money on that?! I wanted to make a site but could never get a proper photoshoot set up. I wanted it to look nice and not have murky ass photos.
Currently working on mapping out a Gengar tattoo so that old people over 35 can point at me and cringe. I probably won't be able to get it anytime soon since searching for a good tattoo artist is annoying and expensive. I don't want to get something permanent done cheap.

I've had my fun with collecting and meet so many wonderful people. I don't regret it and will continue to get things here and there that I actually like a lot, like this super chonky Gengar plush that THANKFULLY was brought over from Japan to the USA site.

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