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Fairy Slayer
IMPORTANT: I'M NOT VERY ACTIVE ON LJ BUT STILL COLLECT. IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME (even if it's not to sell to me but also for questions regarding Gengar items I own and you need info on), IT'S BEST TO DO SO THROUGH DISCORD. MY DISCORD TAG IS GENGAR # 0604. (Send a message before adding or I might think you're one of those Chinese scam bots) I'm there 100% of the time since I'm always gaming online and I have the phone app. You don't need to download Discord to use it; can just use their browser application.

Any other way might take me very long to get to, since LJ is an old shitty site now and it doesn't even alert me of PMs sometimes.


I have a merchandise collection dedicated to Gengar, my favorite Pokemon.

If you end up with something Gengar related and are not attached to it, chances are it's here and I'm looking for it or I probably have it but ask anyways! I WANT TO THROW MY MONEY AT YOU.

This post will have a few cuts so it's not just a big wall of crap and so it looks more organized.

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I have wayyyy too many things I'm actively looking for and all the images would probably make this page a lagfest, so I have created a Flickr album with all the things I'm after.

Some images in my wanted list are my own. You're free to use them but most have text on them anyways because I use them as checklists. Other pictures are for reference.
In this post I will include pictures of my grails and a few top priority items that I'm after under the cuts.

GrailsCollapse )

Highly Wanted ItemsCollapse )

Stuff I Want to ReplaceCollapse )

Thank you for looking!

This list is never ending; I knock off two things and five others show up. But I am committed to getting it all someday.

I have already decided I will NEVER sell my Gengar collection. This stuff is going to the grave with me, haha.

the end...or is it?!
This is a rewrite of my shitty intro.


I get this question a lot, specially when people ask for my name. Being mostly an internet dweller, I always just choose to call myself Gengar at almost every site or game I end up in. Somehow, I don't find the name odd as most normal people do. It has a nice ring to it.

Of course, someone always manages to come along and yell at me at how Haunter is just better. While I do like the other two, I can't really "click" with them as much as I do with Gengar. Just remember that: There is no Gengar without Gastly or Haunter. You can't have the ghost chicken without the ghost egg! So I am thankful for them.
From a collector's point of view, I also don't find myself interested in the merchandise of the other two at all.

When people ask for my name in person, it's also Gengar. Yeah, I get weird stares and the occasional "Excuse me?".


Gengar has been there ever since I was a kid and he was my first Pokemon, given to me by my grandfather. Wait, what? How can that be possible?
My grandfather was a very important man throughout my life and he found an old Gengar plush when I was a kid and gave it to me!
This plush to be exact, but it's not the same one I had when I was younger:


That's when this all started. If Pokemon were real, I would've had an OP Gengar from the start. I would have been a very lucky kid.
But I ramble...Collapse )

Up until recently, I always wondered what became of my lost Gengar. I had decided to never replace him, except for that tagged one I have now as a collection piece. Even if I got another one, it wouldn't be the same and he wouldn't hold the same sentimental value.

At the time of writing this, about a month ago, I saw an old Hasbro Gengar on Ebay. I usually just skip through these because I already have one and they're quite common. But man, this one was somehow different. For one, it wasn't overpriced; he was extremely cheap but nobody rushed to grab him even after a few days. Most remarkably, he put a smile on my face; all my Gengar make me extremely happy but this one was more of a nostalgic happiness I didn't quite feel before.
I felt I had to have him but was I broke at that exact time, so I sent an offer. The seller even accepted my low offer almost immediately, as if they just wanted him gone.

Now I have a small Gengar buddy again! Now to never lose him. EVER.

Who is this crazy fool? I'm just a brutally honest comical asshole who really likes Pokemon and videa. I also like ghosts and the unexplained, as in REAL 2spooky ghosts. I research everything because knowledge is power. I bore easily and I'm hard to keep content.
My favorite food is coconuts. I like coconut everything. I'm a tropical Gengar and despise cold weather.

And just remember: Die now, live later.

I pretty much forgot I had an LJ. I've been unfortunately out of collecting for maybe 2-3 years now. I lost interest and financial issues really began to be prominent. I had to stop to get my shit together. I have a bunch of messages in my inbox I never saw since LJ stopped alerting me of things and I tried changing my e-mail to a Yahoo one in hopes of messages coming through just for me to lose the Yahoo login. LOL My old Discord is down too. Had to get a new one.

Things have changed with Gengar merchandise and not really for the better, in my opinion. The best word I can use to describe the state of Gengar merchandise is:


Reasoning below.

It feels like I was trying to collect a just slightly less congested version of Eeveelution merchandise. There are more Pokemon in Kanto other than Pikachu, Eevee, the starters, Gengar, Snorlax, and Mew. I haven't even been buying the shit they put out so it's not like I'm fueling the "money talks" and adding to the stagnancy. Aside from money issues, even when I did have extra money, I couldn't be fucked to buy yet another slightly varied posing Gengar.

I've lost interest in the figures, plush, and just about everything. I lost interest in plush because they keep pushing out HUGE ones that cost too fucking much to ship the USA and they're not really great. I already own this same plush in the same material with the same face. Figures are coming out too fast and if I can't get it on eBay, I'm just not going to bother. It's literally small figure after small figure with no break and not really anything interesting in terms of posing. I think things definitely died a lot for me when I didn't even want the Gengar dressed like Mega Banette for last Halloween. Those are two of my favorite ghosts and I just really meh about getting another plush to stuff in my vault. I've always looked forward to the Halloween promos but the last few years were so disappointing and the online stock always sucked ass and you could never get it because it was sold out. Stock issues were another huge problem for me when I have to import.

The only redeeming thing for collecting right now for me is that the Japan Pokemon Center puts out nice quirky things with Gengar. Why can't they bring this stuff to the USA PC site so I don't have to pay a bunch of fucking fees when importing? I feel the USA gets "crumbs" or Pikachu. They have been getting a little better with USA promotions; the Lavender Town promo was amazing. Japan even released a new Jigglypuff Tomy figure probably for the Detective Pikachu movie and I wish we got these things in the USA site.


The only one I want is the new finger puppet and WCT Gengar Battle Feature Figure. I e-mailed WCT today because I can't find the damn thing anywhere in New Jersey and I see it being sold on eBay for $35+. Hope to hear back from them soon about wtf is going on with the stock!

All my grails are pretty much obtained except for the Meiji plate. I do not plan to add anymore grails as my collecting career is probably at an end, at least the way it used to be.

I will be wedding out a bunch of shit hopefully soon. Not main collection pieces at all but misc stuff like my 10 different Gengar wallets. Just why did I spend money on that?! I wanted to make a site but could never get a proper photoshoot set up. I wanted it to look nice and not have murky ass photos.
Currently working on mapping out a Gengar tattoo so that old people over 35 can point at me and cringe. I probably won't be able to get it anytime soon since searching for a good tattoo artist is annoying and expensive. I don't want to get something permanent done cheap.

I've had my fun with collecting and meet so many wonderful people. I don't regret it and will continue to get things here and there that I actually like a lot, like this super chonky Gengar plush that THANKFULLY was brought over from Japan to the USA site.

Shadow Tag
This post is out a bit out of place in my journal but I wanted to make it so anyone looking for more thorough information on this rare figure can have it to use for their site, etc. When I tried to look for info, I couldn't really find much in English and it's why I'm making this post. I do not collect Tomy figures but I really like the figures overall, own all of my favorite Pokemon as Tomys, and always found this particular figure interesting and... mystical? (idk how else to describe it lol) I'm trying to get all of Gengar's released Tomy figures and this is my closest connection to the hobby of collecting Tomys. He has quite a few different releases that mainly have a completely different box design.

FAQCollapse )

I think I've covered all bases for this figure but if anyone has any other questions, you can comment below even without an LJ account and I can try to dig up stuff for you.

I don't collect obvious bootlegs like these but maybe someone out there does or this person just didn't know and they just got screwed thinking it was a rare figure.
3rd-Aug-2016 05:56 pm - A Three Year Goal!
Bro fist!
Wow, I haven't posted in this crap in a long time but I'm gonna put this here in case any other collector wanted to see all of Gengar's Full Color (ポケットモンスター フルカラ), Full Color Stadium (ポケモン フルカラースタジアム), and Battle Museum (ポケットモンスター ポケモンバトルミュージアム) figures along with their inserts.

These took me THREE years to collect 100%, meaning they came sealed in their package with their corresponding sticker and insert. Sorry if the pics are kinda murky but I live in a fricken cave; I lighten them a bit with PS.

The Battle Museum figure (black base) comes with two stickers to be placed at the front and back of the base. The front says Gengar (ゲンガー) and the back is, what I assume, two attacks but I can't read an ounce of Japanese. This one I've actually seen a few times being sold with at least the correct name sticker already on the base.

The Full Color figures (the two right ones) DO NOT have corresponding stickers. These just come with the base.

FC Stadium figures (middle ones) DO come with stickers. The Night Shade Gengar was the hardest to find.

Below is the complete checklist of ALL the Full Color figures. You can click to make it larger
checklistCollapse )

This awesome blog features most (if not all) of the FC Stadium and Battle Museum figures:
http://tmhrcork.blog52.fc2.com/blog-category-9.html - FC Stadium
http://tmhrcork.blog52.fc2.com/blog-category-10.html - Battle Museum

That blog was of great help because I didn't really know how many of these Gengar had until I found it by mistake; a lot of respect to this Japanese blogger.

I was able to get four of these figures from the same seller at different times on Yahoo!Japan auctions.

Some tips for finding these figures.
tips!Collapse )

It's so rewarding to finally have these little guys! It's one more thing I can finally stop searching for.
11th-Feb-2016 12:01 pm - Gengar Pacha
Dumping some creamy memes.

If someone made one of these before me, then they didn't tag their shit. So I made my own.

A more classic color:

Edit: Here it is with the original mouth. No eyebrows though because it looks odd with the eyes.

non-grin versionsCollapse )
Was looking through one of my magazines for some original artwork for a banner... found this glorious drawing.

Whoever was the child that drew this, you nailed it and I want to adopt you.
4th-Apr-2015 12:27 pm - Drunk Ebay Sellers

SIGN ME RIGHT THE FUCK UP FOR THAT NEW OP SKY FORM DARKRAI. Mega Rayquayquay ain't got shit on this guy.
I got into a heated debate with a good friend of mine who questioned how can I be so damn sure that shit won't go down and I won't need to sell my collection?
Well, shit HAS gone down and it could go down even more at any given time. There's highs and lows in everyone's life.

However, my specific collection is worth SHIT. I have tried selling duplicates and they sell for almost nothing, even if they're in excellent condition.
I can't think of anyone that would want a bunch of Gengar the way I do. For the exception of plushes and "fancy" things like metal charms and Pokedoll junk, nothing else will sell for enough money that will encourage me to sell anything in my collection to begin with; I'll just end up with a butchered up collection missing significant pieces that sold for shit money anyway.

I will make such little amount of money, it won't make things any better. $500 ain't shit. Even $1,000 ain't shit. Who is going to give me even $1,000 for a bunch of Gengar? I won't get anywhere near as much as I have spent... which is a lot.

more reasons and thoughtsCollapse )
Don't even get me started on my Darkrai collection; that's basically unsellable.

I am confident in my decision that my entire Gengar collection will NEVER be sold; there is no good enough reason in this short life for it to be sold.

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